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Trump triumph over Obama: Conservative Economy Success

Trump VS. Obama: Conservative Economy Success

conservative economy

Trump’s Achievements compared to Obama admin:. [ Photo Credit: CNN]

Conservative economy has always called for the tried and true approach instead of the innovations just for the sake. That is one of the reasons why the Obama administration failed to produce any satisfactory economic recovery since the recession ended more than ten years ago. That apparently means that the Obama economic plan can be rated as the worst in US history. There have been other recessions in the past, but the economy has always been revived in as short as 18 months during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Obama would have had an easy time creating a successful recovery since the economy was relatively stable. Read More

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5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

water damage

Critical Water Damage

Water damages to homes are one of the biggest threats that homeowners face. Water is known to travel through a path of the least resistance. Therefore, water moves through multiple floors, walls, and ceilings. Water is also known to play the most significant role in weakening foundations of many homes. Once water has reached the foundation, it causes structural damage to the house. Preventing water damage to one’s home is much easier and cheaper than paying for professionals to fix water damage as well as fixing other areas of the house that might be affected by the water damage. Here are five ways you can prevent water damage in your home. Read More

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Wonders of Creation

wonders of creation

wonders of creation

Wonders of creation will never cease in this world and they are crystal clear for all to see. Life was considered to be induced as a result of divine intervention, which facilitated its existence and its sustenance.

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