Today, every business needs digital marketing to increase the demand for their product or services. What matters is how their digital marketing campaign is planned and carried out.

For digital marketing to be effective, marketers must adapt to the new changes happening today, especially on the online community.  Advertising and marketing campaigns must be optimized to reach a specific target group and entice them to react positively.

You must be active online to reach a lot of people and potential customers. The Internet community has been growing since the 1990s, and today it’s a major virtual environment for most people in the world. This has been driven by the solutions that make life easier brought about by the internet.

To name a few ordering stuff, food online, socializing, working online, cashless payment socializing, and many more. All these changes have made online interactions simple and a necessity that most people can’t forgo. It’s your chance now to grow and expand your business reach with digital marketing.

There are new and confiscated platforms which make internet fun and exciting place. These platforms deliver content to people in different ways such as videos, chats articles and much more.

If you want to market your products or services online, consider utilizing these platforms to reach many people. Here is a list of trends that you should use in 2019 for a successful digital marketing campaigns.

8 digital marketing trends for 2019

  • Facebook is still good

Facebook is still the number 1 social media platform in the United States. 41% f Facebook users are over 65 years of age which makes it a goldmine for businesses that target the senior demographic group.

On the negative side, Facebook is losing the young generation following partly because of the recent 2018 security breach that exposed data for 14 million users.

Therefore Facebook may be unsuitable for some campaigns, but it all depends on the target group. Facebook is still massive, and most people still check on it, but marketers should be cautious that whoever they are targeting is still on Facebook.

  • Optimize Content for Voice Searches

Verbal interaction is continuing to rise through innovation such as Siri Google, Alexa and a host of other “Smart” devices. The rise can be attributed to the fact that talking is simply a preferred way of interacting.

Machines are finally giving people the best method to search, discover new things and shop. A voice is search is way different from the usual Google text-based search. A text-based search gives numerous results while a voice search mostly gives one verbal result.

Voice searches require a different approach from the usual text-based searches. However, it should not be ignored because many people are adopting this method in online interactions. For example, the Meta descriptions should be made in such a way that they read better than the flat style used for text-based searches.

  • Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing is here to stay as it is still important. It is still a major channel of communication for academic, personal, commercial, academic and legal purposes. However, generic emails are no longer as effective as before. In 2019, a combination of automation and personalization is what works best in email marketing.

To achieve success in  email marketing campaign create something special and follow-up with a promotional price or demo video. Combine your email with remarketing techniques to trigger action.

  • Quality Content

Content marketing is still an essential component of digital marketing. Quality matters, but it also good to consider the targeted recipients. To achieve effective content marketing, you should understand your targeted market deeply, and be able to have the right market precisely.

Specialized material for specific industries or experts will be very effective. Combine customized content with improved content effectiveness measuring techniques for it to remain relevant.  

  • Instagram Popularity Rise

Instagram is now the most rapidly growing social media platform with more than 1 billion users worldwide. Much of its user-base is coveted to younger generation due to the notion that Facebook is a social media platform for the “old people.”

It’s optimized to make it easy for users to share photos and videos from their phone. Businesses should utilize Instagram to reach a wider market range from its users.

  • Video Marketing

When you intend to invest in digital marketing, video marketing is ideal.  In America, about 80% of the population engages in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and that gives the consumers a good platform to get in touch with products. Many consumers would prefer to watch a video instead of reading lengthy articles.

When you attach a video clip to an email, you definitely boost click-through rate by almost 200%. In 2019, video marketing proves to be the best strategy that can enhance growth and improve your approach to doing business. Creating quality video adverts will increase connectivity and social sharing opportunities.

  • Live video is equally impressive

Live streaming has become a trendy especially when it is combined with influencer marketing. Nowadays we have a new generation of social media influencers such as musician, artists, athletes, and celebrities who have a great impact on digital marketing. 

When such high profile personalities interact directly with potential consumers on social media, somehow that improves sale and contact with the customers. Courtesy of Channels such as “Twitch,” live streaming has been made easier, and people have access to devices that are capable of live stream videos.

  • Use of Chatbot is a great idea

Chatbots promotes digital marketing in a big way. A Chatbot interacts with the customers through text and verbal platforms. The bot is fed with personalized information that targets a specific audience. They have been used extensively in social media such as Facebook and proved to be very effective in terms of advertising. Chatbots will never disappoint as a digital marketing platform.

Whenever you think about digital marketing, always remember Facebook, email marketing, quality content, voice search, and many others. If you need to reach a specific target group, a large audience and potential customers, integrate and run a well-crafted digital marketing campaign.

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