E-commerce business owners are constantly looking for new ways to improve their social media marketing campaign ROI.

2020 Social Media Marketing Trends for E-Commerce Stores

As an e-commerce business owner, you need to keep up with the current social media marketing trends because-

  • Consumers’ habits keep on changing. 
  • Social media platforms are evolving.
  • New platforms are becoming more popular.
  • There is a rapid growth of users. For instance, there are now 3.4 billion users, a 9% increase from 2019.

All these factors affect how your audience behaves and how your campaign plays out.

For example, you can be able to leverage 85% of internet users by using animation software to make marketing videos.

Social media is an essential part of most consumers and, therefore, a gold mine for your e-commerce business.

However, you need a solid marketing strategy to stay ahead of competitors and reach the right audience.

Keeping tabs with the latest trends can give you an advantage and give you a better ROI on your social media marketing strategy.

Let’s look at the 2020 social media trends that you should know about.

1. Video Content Is the Future of Social Media

If you haven’t ventured into marketing videos, then you are missing a large market base. Video content is the most engaging content and the future of social media. 

For instance, a platform such as TikTok, a short video sharing app, has 500 million active users and over 1.5 billion downloads.  And this is just within 3 years after it was launched in Sep 2016, which shows that video content is gradually dominating social activities.

Furthermore, studies show that by 2022, videos will account for 82% of all online content. Therefore, you should start utilizing video content to remain relevant in the social circles.

Start using the stories feature on your social media, add videos on your posts, and Ads even on platforms that are usually dominated by text or image content.

2. Popularity Growth of Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content – mostly images and videos which are available for a short period then disappear are becoming more popular.

This type of content is vital when you want your audience to react immediately by evoking the fear of missing out (FOMO). People’s attention span has decreased drastically, and thus short and catchy content is the way to go.

For instance, Instagram and Snapchat Stories are addictive and engaging where users spend hours going through them.

In fact, 64% of marketers reported using or planning to use Instagram Stories in a survey done by Hootsuite.

3. Niche-Specific Social Platforms Become More Popular

Gone are the days when Facebook or Instagram were the top and largest social media platforms.  There are new upcoming niche platforms that have succeeded in getting a substantial market share.

For instance, youths prefer using TikTok, while B2B companies use LinkedIn, and the gaming community uses Twitch.

Niche social media platforms are becoming more popular because users like to associate with like-minded people who share the same interests. It’s easier for people who share interests to connect, share experiences and relate well.

Therefore, your marketing campaign should be customized to relate well with the platform’s users based on their interests and liking. This way, your audience will relate well with your Ads and respond better.

4. No More Likes on Instagram

One of the largest social networks, Instagram, will soon possibly remove the likes feature on all posts. And being a major player in the market, the move could affect the industry in a great way.

They have already tested the proposal, and they might roll it out soon. Instagram believes that likes are affecting user’s mental health as they are used to gauge a person’s social value.

However, some people term the planned move as a business venture because the platform is missing out on the advertising revenue that goes to influencers. In fact, brands have moved away from traditional marketing channels and concentrated on influencer marketing as its more effective.

If the likes feature goes, brands won’t be able to analyze the impact of their marketing or influencer campaigns. Therefore, you’ll have no choice but to resort to the platform’s in-house Ads as they can easily evaluate the ROI.

In the event that Instagram removes the like feature and gets more revenue from marketers that could influence other social platforms to adopt the same.

5. Growth of Social Commerce

Brands have used social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, to sell their products for a long time. Social media has helped to drive huge revenue for brands each day.

However, social commerce may soon become a stand-alone retail store, same as other eCommerce websites and stores. Social networks will introduce pro-selling features such as shoppable posts and Instagram storefronts.

As social media evolve to fully independent retail platforms, so will marketers leverage this by publishing social commerce-oriented marketing campaigns.

Adopt Social Media Marketing Trends to Optimize Your ROI

As consumers’ behaviors and social networks keep on evolving, so should your social media marketing strategy change to accommodate the new factors.

You should venture into video and ephemeral content, which have grown in popularity among consumers. Try out other social media such as Tiktok and other niche-specific social networks to market your brand.

Finally, if your main marketing channel is Instagram, be prepared for the expected changes and expand your campaigns to other mediums.

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