About Me

My name is Mitchelle Morgan


I’m a seasoned content writer with over 8 years of experience, and I believe that my skills will be a great fit for your business.


Here’s what you get when you hire me


✔SEO optimized content: By SEO, I don’t mean just getting you visible on search engines. I mean content that converts search traffic to sales. Content that’s optimized for a reader’s search intent.


✔Examples/Stats: Readers want examples. You need content that informs, explains, and SHOWS readers HOW things work. Relatable examples help solidify your content.


✔Flow: You’re assured of content that flows so well that readers will want to keep reading.


✔Increased probability of conversions: Top-notch, smooth content doesn’t chase away visitors. It makes it easy for your audience to make that “subscribe” or “buy” decision.


✔Authority: Apart from sales, you need to be respected in your industry. I craft authoritative content that can make people give your brand the respect that it totally deserves.



Do You Want  High-Quality Content That Converts and Builds You An Audience?

Click contact me or send me an email at [email protected]


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