Armageddon: Europe Skies Cracking Wide Open


Lucifer Europe

My Sincere apologies to all those affected by the Heat wave and the wildfires. I would like to blame it on global warming but am still hesitating as ignorance seems to take charge. When did the rain start beating us? I bet this happened when we defiled nature without apology and no one cared about the consequences. It leaves us with no choice but to conserve nature and its environs if we are to survive the Armageddon.

Believe me the cost of pollution is so expensive and we will pay dearly if we remain arrogant. It is quite simple to understand that economies need to thrive and this results to competition in industrialization but the big question remains to be ,at who’s cost ?. The humans have been so ignorant of other creatures that they forget that there is need to minimize pollution to facilitate a clean and sustainable ecosystem.


Hell on Earth

The rise in temperatures has caused a lot of problems allover Europe and other parts of the world. Rivers have dried; drought is not sparing either and is wondering what comes next. Am not a prophet of doom but I will not leave anything to chance. To be sincere the remedy is with us, but those who assume leadership seem not to be concerned. Are we going to fold our hands and hope that all goes well?

It’s the high time that we all take the responsibility and take great care of our environment regardless of the economic effects in our respective countries. This world is home for all us and other species depend on it as well, so let us sober up and value LIFE. GOING GREEN is not a subject of discussion but it becomes compulsory and this will save OUR WORLD.


Europe heat wave

I hope that we see the issue of climate change in the same perspective and we have a collective responsibly to conserve the environment whatsoever!.


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