10 Baffling Archaeological Discoveries that Science Cannot Explain

Archaeology has played a great role in helping humanity understand the history of humanity. The data collected from some of these archaeological digs have also helped scientists predict future events based on particular historical patterns. However, some archaeological discoveries have had scientists scratching their heads. The mystery behind such archaeological discoveries is the fact that they do not fit in the way we understand history or they do not fit in their timeline. Another name for research conducted in this field of archaeology is “forbidden archaeology.” These artefacts or their locations are so mind-blowing that many egg heads have chosen to ignore them altogether.  Here is a list of ten such archaeological discoveries.

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One Nation under GOD

The world has become a global village, but we still have different beliefs and customs under one GOD. My sincere thought was it is the high time that we worship the same deity regardless of the difference in color, race or religion.  What World it would be! Imagine Jewish worshiping in a mosque and Muslims worshiping in a church? Read More

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The dark side of war

At any stage of life, it is never easy to lose a loved one. It turns out to be a big blow to the family and dear friends.

Salute to all those men in service for making such a huge sacrifice, risking all that matters in life. It is such a big honor and we truly appreciate the effort of the men in uniform. A tragedy is when a life is lost when a man is in service protecting the nation.

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English Premier League Surprises and Expectations

Transfers have rocked and tilted the balance of the English Premier League

premier league

EPL Trophy

The English premier league is kicking off this weekend, and the defending champions Manchester City were not active in the transfer window as any other team. The team manager Pep Guardiola only signed one significant player in the name of Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City in a $104.5 million swoop. The speedy winger bolsters the team’s already impressive attacking talent though they missed out on Jorginhoan Italian Midfielder who opted for Chelsea another title contender. The EPL champions combine of world-class talent and youthful swagger still makes them favourites to retain the title at the end of the 2018-2019 seasons. Read More

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