wonders of creation

wonders of creation

Wonders of creation will never cease in this world and they are crystal clear for all to see. Life was considered to be induced as a result of divine intervention, which facilitated its existence and its sustenance.

Of all the creatures, the humans acknowledge that there is a “Supreme Being” who takes care of the entire Universe and its habitats. The humans are a unique lot among other creatures and are considered to be more intelligent than the others. This is evident because they have developed advanced communication codes which influence languages. Although there is diversity in terms of race, color, and language, this does not hinder the interaction between them.

People refer to the creator in different names, based on beliefs and religion setups. Kindly allow me to narrow down to those who follow and adore the doctrines of Jesus Christ, the Son of The Living GOD. It is a fact that GOD is the Creator of the Universe and He is the giver of Life at will. The wonders of creation are the real blueprint of God’s creativity and there is no scientific theory that can stand to challenge otherwise. With all due respect, those of the opinion that the Earth was formed as a result of some “nebula cloud” theory, need to interrogate the plan and the layout of Earth features.

It is not a coincidence that the beauty of the landmarks is undisputable. This is evidence enough that there was plan involved in the creation and GOD is the sole designer of the wonders of creation. Am appealing to all those who love and appreciate nature, to salute GOD the Creator for His generous offer to all us, I mean Wonders of Creation. We sincerely appreciate.

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