Zimbabwe elections - Democracy in Africa

Zimbabwe elections (Source: GETTY)

Democracy in Africa has grown to great heights compared to a decade ago. African countries being considered as developing countries faced with election malpractices and corruption are developing a positive attitude towards transparency and accountability. The leaders are developing a sense of commitment and putting to end an era of dictatorship in many African countries. This is evident enough that democracy is gradually maturing, but all this comes with challenges as politicians adjust to the global demand for a transparent and fair electoral process.

This changes can only take place if only a nation can strengthen the electoral bodies in a way that they remain independent and free from state interference and influence. That can be considered as the first step towards achieving democracy in Africa. Implementation of strict laws and an independent judicial system gives room for democracy to thrive. In a nutshell, the countries that are implementing good laws are attracting a good number of investors.

As the developed countries are displaying their economic strengths, the target is very clear that they want to invest in Africa. With the current demand for growth in trade, the African countries are keen to expand their export markets and also increase the local market as the demand is rising with the increase in population. This has made the East giant economies like China and Japan increase the funding in African countries in big projects like infrastructure and construction of roads and rail aimed to connect regional economies. The Western counterparts are not left behind either and their agenda is simple and clear, theirs is to ensure that the institutions that are mandated to eradicate vices like corruption, racism, insecurity and ethnic profiling are strengthened and work without compromise. This will not only help in attracting investors but will enhance a healthy local trade with guarantees of peace and harmony.

With good leadership comes credible governance which stimulates growth among a people and the economy. Democracy gives exposure to worth ideas and ideologies which brings hope and believe that we can change for the better and approach the future with a positive attitude. And for those who have the privilege to vote, make it your responsibility to vote wisely and initiate accountability for those who assume those offices without fear or intimidation.

Kudos Zimbabwe, you have demonstrated to us how democracy is growing in Africa. That’s the way to go brothers.

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