Mistakes happen to the best of us. You might be an experienced digital marketer, but at some point, you are bound to make digital marketing mistakes. In such a case, you will find that your campaigns are not yielding results.

Digital marketing mistakes happen because of many reasons. It may be a problem with the strategy, or the agency oversold its capabilities. It can also happen because the business and the marketing agency did not cooperate effectively when developing the campaign. To avoid mistakes in digital marketing, here are some tips to help you.

1. Unclear Strategy and Tactics

It is crucial to distinguish between strategy and tactics.

A digital strategy is a plan you have put in place to accomplish a pre-determined goal. For instance, if you want to increase business by 30% from new customers, the digital strategy is to increase the business’s online visibility. You can achieve this through:

  • PPC – It is meant to get immediate search traffic in local markets
  • SEO – Increase search ranking through relevant search terms in local markets
  • Display Remarketing – It is supposed to attract non-converting customers back to the site after they have already left

In most cases, businesses confuse strategies with tactics. It leads to well-planned tactics like creative banner ads and good rankings, but have zero effect on business goals.

2. Unclear Campaign Goals

One of the biggest causes of digital marketing mistakes is not establishing analytics goals before the campaign starts. To track the accomplishment of your digital marketing campaign, you should define your goals in terms of sign-ups, form completions, calls, and sales, among others. The tracking analytics should be set up to keep tabs on those goals.

According to Justin Honaman, senior VP at Moxie, it is difficult to determine ROI or measure the benefit of a campaign without measurable objectives. Therefore, it is crucial to describe and communicate goals as well as building insights from previous campaigns so that you can plan for future campaigns.

3. Targeting the Wrong Audience

You can up with a fantastic campaign, but if you target the wrong audience, you will miss a big opportunity. Michelle Ross states the digital channels are getting noisier each day, and it is up to you to make your way through the noise and get noticed.

Targeting the wrong audience is of the most common digital marketing mistakes that most people make. You should target your audience based not just on personal descriptions, but also on behaviors. You can use cookies and tracking pixels to get to people who joined your mailing list or just visited your site.

Your social media targeting should not just include gender, age, topic interest, or education. You should layer it according to relevant life events and intent of purchase.

4. Incorrect Personalization

Incorrect personalization is one of the most common causes of digital marketing failures. It does not matter if it is the wrong gender or name; such a mistake constitutes digital marketing failure. For instance, a customer may want to shop for a male item, and the customer ends up being bombarded with all forms of male persona marketing.

You can avoid this by using technology, which makes it easy for marketers to identify the right products correctly. It also gives the customers a chance to engage with the system and make informed purchases.

5. Overlooking Mobile

According to ComScore, consumers use mobile technology to access the internet. Therefore, when planning your digital marketing campaign, you should have a mobile strategy in your marketing plan.

You should consider how your users interact with you when using their mobile devices. It will give you an idea of how you can improve their experience. If you do not have a mobile strategy, then you should consider if an app is a good way to interact with your customers and if it can help you deliver meaningful content to your customers.

6. Buying Followers

Having a lot of social media followers might seem like a good idea because it increases your reputation, but people are becoming tech-savvy, and once they realize you buy social media followers, you lose your credibility. The best way is to build a network of real followers who end up becoming clients.

To Sum it Up

It is possible to make digital marketing mistakes. The art of digital marketing is a wide field, and there are many variables to consider. However, if you avoid the mistakes highlighted above, your digital marketing campaign will succeed. It does not matter if you have a small budget, if you the rules of digital marketing, you will not fail.

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