Domestic Violence: The Monster Breaking up Families

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Gender-based violence has grown out of proportion becoming a monster that needs to be contained.

What is domestic violence?

It is gradually turning into a trend and this is really unacceptable and we have to condemn the behavior with the strongest term possible. The vice comes in many forms; maybe physical, psychological but in whichever form it stands no chance in the modern society. When people speak of domestic abuse, many people immediately think of domestic violence. Domestic violence happens between people who are married. On the other hand, domestic abuse happens between people who are in an intimate relationship even if they are not married. Domestic abuse and domestic violence are used for one reason only; to control and dominate the other person.

Does domestic violence favor certain genders?

Statistics have shown that 97% of the cases are experienced by the female gender which is considered to be a weaker gender. But on the contrary male gender and transgender abuse seems to be on the rise. Domestic violence does not discriminate against the gender. In the modern world, men have become bold and have started coming out and telling the whole world the abuses they have experienced in their homes. For instance, many people who have come out and exposed how they have experienced domestic violence usually cite emotional and verbal abuse as the most prevalent. However, a small percentage of men have also expressed how they were violently abused by their spouses.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Against Men

The big question remains how do you realize that you are in an abusive relationship?

There are many signs that you can observe and realize that things in your relationship are about to get nasty. Such signs include:

  • Always feeling afraid when you are around your partner
  • Steering clear of certain topics when talking to your partner
  • Having a feeling that you always do things that make your partner unhappy
  • Constant feeling of being helpless

What should you do when you find yourself in an abusive relationship?

If you are being abused or you suspect someone close to you is undergoing domestic violence, the first thing to do is to speak up about the ordeal. It is not enough to tell yourself that you should mind your own business. One of the first things that you should understand is that once you speak up, the person being abused will realize that you care about them. Another action you can take is to talk to the person being abused is to talk to that person in private and encourage them to speak about in public. It is also worth noting that abusers are very manipulative. Therefore, when talking with the victim, make sure you have that thought in mind. Taking those steps can enable you to help a victim escape an abusive relationship and help him or her start the healing process.

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