Macro photography tips

Macro photography tips

Macro photography refers to a setup whereby one can reproduce something on the camera sensor at the same size or larger than the actual object. Therefore, if one is shooting pictures of a butterfly that is two inches long, the image should also be two inches or longer in the camera sensor. Macro photography can be quite tricky. However, there are several macro photography tips that one can apply to produce stunning pictures.

  1. Getting close enough to the object

Most people use macro photography when taking images of small things like insects. Therefore, getting close to such small subjects without scaring them away is a headache to many photographers. If one is using a standard lens, focusing on the subject is almost impossible. To get around this problem, one can buy a special macro lens. These lenses allow the photographer to have a very close focus. The focus is almost down to one or two inches from the subject. The special lenses come in different focal lengths, and it is up to the photographer to choose the one that best suits his needs.

  1. Point of focus

When taking a picture, it is important to consider the point of focus carefully. This is especially important when one is dealing with small subjects. Changing the point of focus can dramatically change the appearance of the image.

  1. Make use of the LCD panel

When taking pictures, always make sure that you check the image in the LCD panel carefully. This helps in identifying any intrusions that may appear in the image. It is also advisable to tidy up the scene and remove unwanted objects. It is also wise to carry a spare battery because reviewing the images drains battery power pretty quickly.

  1. Add tubes to make the standard zoom focus closer

Extension tubes are fitted between the body of the camera and the rare mount of the lens. It helps in ensuring that the lens focus is closer which is good when one wants the image of a small subject to appear bigger. It is more economical to use tubes instead of buying a macro lens.

  1. Combine flash with ambient

When one is taking pictures of static objects, using flash can go a long way in livening up the picture.



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