Office 365 Vs G Suite

Office 365 Vs G Suite

Office 365 and G Suite are two of the best Cloud located productivity tools that are currently available. G Suite is by Goodge while Office 365 is by Microsoft so which one between the two is better for your organization? For you to be able to make that decision, it is important that you take into account your end users experiences, what you want, and what your business needs. You have to look for the platform that will provide you with the utilitarian collaboration and productivity perks and features that you require.

You have to also take into account what your workers are familiar with since it is important for your end users to have something that they know well. The following is the comparison between G Suite and Office 365 that will help you in making your decision.

  • Both Google and Microsoft assure of a service level agreement of 99.9 percent with its users. Both their on-demand services are also extensible depending on your company’s explicit needs.
  • G Suite offers online forms of their trendy apps such as Hangouts, Docs, and Gmail. The performance and responsiveness of G Suite are found by majority clients to be slightly higher caliber to that of Office 365. Office 365, on the other hand, offers simple to use online versions of their famous apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.
  • Office 365 provides Data Loss Protection and Rights Management. Their Rights Management features are at a file or email level, and Data Loss Protection capabilities cover the sites, files, and emails. G Suite also provides Data Loss Protection and Rights Management. Their Rights Management features enable the users to disable copying, downloading, and printing of any Google Drive files as long as it stays inside the Google community. Their Data Loss Protection, however, protects only Gmail.
  • G Suite awards 30 GB of online Cloud storage per user for key accounts and unlimited storage for business or enterprise accounts that have a minimum of five users. Office 365, on the other hand, offers 1 TB of online Cloud Storage per user, whichever plan you opt to go for.
  • In Office 365, document views and user experiences are undeviating regardless of the device being used by the clients, and the documents can be accessed whether the user is offline or online. In G Suite, document views and user experiences are not uniform. Offline capabilities are limited, and it does not enable you to share Office documents unless they are changed to Google format.
  • G Suite shares a privacy policy across both consumer and business applications. This means that data protection might fail to meet business security needs or even certain industry regulations. In Office 365, there is a state of the art data centers, anti-virus protection, integration with multi-factor authentication solutions, and anti-spam protections, which are all, included with their security measures.
  • Both G Suite and Office 365 provide web and phone support for critical issues, and they both provide superlative security for their data centers.

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