Privacy Policy of

The website

This web site’s privacy policy and the people who own it takes a proactive approach regarding the privacy of the users to ensure that essential measures are put in place in order to ensure that the privacy of the people using this website is protected. The site complies with all legal laws and requirements regarding user privacy.

Use of Cookies

The site uses cookies to give users a better experience while visiting the site. The site may also give first-time visitors an option to take control of the cookies by giving them an option to enable to disable the use of cookies on their computer or device. This is in line with the legislation requirements for any website to get explicit permission from users prior to leaving behind reading files like cookies on the computer used by the user to access this site.

Contact and Communication

Users visiting this website may contact the owners at their own discretion. Personal information is kept private, and it is stored safely until a time when it might no longer be required. This is in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. Considerable efforts have been put in place to ensure that communication channels are safe and secure. The information submitted by the user is used to provide the user with the best information regarding products and services.


This website takes the liberty to inform users about services and products through an email newsletter. Subscriptions are in compliance with the US Spam laws. Third parties do not have access to personal details, and private information is not shared with anyone outside the company.

Social Media Platforms

Engagement, communication and any form of action taken on social media platforms that users of this website participate in our custom to terms and conditions and privacy policies of the particular social media platform. Users of this website are advised to be wise when using the social media platforms and take due diligence especially with their personal details and financial information.

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