It’s 2019, Happy New Year.

Setting 2019 successful goals

Setting 2019 successful goals

The year is just a day old, what are your expectations, hopes, dreams, and goals for 2019? What do you wish to achieve this year? Which places do you desire to visit by the end of this year?  What life changes do you want to make?

Everybody has targets, goals, and dreams that they hope to achieve by the end of 2019. You also have personal desires and goals.

How do you guarantee that you will be able to achieve your goals and attain your targets by the end of the year? It’s simple, just plan early, and you will achieve all you wish for in 2019. Setting up New Year resolutions without a well laid out plan is a waste of time because none will be realized.

Here is a simple guide to help your setup and achieve your 2019 goals:

Identify your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-sensitive) goals

Specific– Your goals should be specific to the actual achievement you want to make. For example, a general goal such as “I want to increase my income” should be specific “I want to increase my income by $2000 this year”.

Measurable– You should set your goals in parts, tackle each part at a time. Finish one part before embarking on the next part.

Achievable– Set goals that you can be able to achieve. You should have all the necessary requirements needed to achieve the goal if not just change it to something you can be able to accomplish as per your capabilities.

Relevant– A goal should help you achieve your overall life plan. Have a reason to why you want to undertake a specific goal. Know the main benefit of a goal.

Time-sensitive– Set a timeframe for each goal. This helps you to be conscious of your 2019 plan and be able to implement it fully by the end of the year.

Write down your Smart Goals

Write down your goals on a piece of paper and the requirements needed to achieve each goal. Writing down your goals gives you a sense of responsibility and a way to analyze your progress.

You may categorize your smart goals in the following groups:-

  1. Financial goals- Increase your income, reduce your expenditure, and increase your saving rate.
  2. Career Goals- Look for greener pastures, promotion, salary increment. Learn a new course.
  3. Family Goals- Spend more time with your family and visits your folks. Go on weekly dates with your spouse.
  4. Social goals- Attend more events and functions.
  5. Education Goals- Undertake post-graduate studies, take relevant short courses.
  6. Fitness Goals- Eat healthy foods, apply for a gym membership.
  7. Spiritual Goals- Spend more time to grow spiritually, such as a church or daily devotional.

Finally, you should be aware that it is hard to achieve new things or change the normal routine. Therefore, you should never lose hope if you realize that you have not achieved your goals as per the timeline set. Always focus on the overall benefit and take it step by step and by the end of the day you will have achieved all your goals as planned.

I wish you a successful 2019 and may you achieve all your dreams!

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