Why you need to Increase the Speed of your Website


Speed your site

Increasing your website’s traffic is very important as it will result to increase revenues. The following are just some of the ways you can increase the traffic of your site.

  1. Advertising your website. You can advertise your website using social media advertising, display advertising, or paid searches which are all amazing ways of attracting new visitors to your site and building your brand. Make sure that you carefully think about the objectives that you want to achieve since every advertising channel has its merits and demerits.
  2. Writing fascinating headlines. Coming up with charming headlines for your content is a superlative way of increasing your site’s traffic. Using such headlines will entice your visitors to read your blogs. This is very important as even the most comprehensive post can go unread due to lack of an alluring headline. Therefore, make sure you fully grasp the art of headline writing.
  3. Start guest blogging. The best way of increasing your website traffic using this method I by securing a guest blog post on an illustrious site. If you write amazing blogs on a site that has many visitors you can end up building a brand for yourself which will help increase the traffic to your website. You can include a link to your site on your posts.
  4. Using referral traffic. You can opt to come up with content that just begs to be linked to. This is way easier than having to beg other websites to link back to you which is time-consuming.
  5. Interviewing industry tough leaders. You can also increase the traffic of your site by interviewing the leaders in your industry and publishing the interviews on your website. Many people will visit your site to see the interview an in the process they will get a chance to look around.
  6. Having a responsive website. If your website is not fast it will push away the visitors so you should make sure that your site is viewable and easily accessible from across devices such as smartphones.
  7. Getting active on social media. You need to be participating actively in all the relevant social media communities. This will boost your website’s traffic in a huge way as you will be visible. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or even LinkedIn.
  8. Using videos in your content. Videos help to boost traffic to your site as they are seen by visitors to be more engaging compared to text-based content.

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