At any stage of life, it is never easy to lose a loved one. It turns out to be a big blow to the family and dear friends.

Salute to all those men in service for making such a huge sacrifice, risking all that matters in life. It is such a big honor and we truly appreciate the effort of the men in uniform. A tragedy is when a life is lost when a man is in service protecting the nation.

The most affected are the spouses and the children not forgetting the extended family. My sincere condolences to all those who have turned to be victims. This comes with many challenges starting from the emotional drain and psychological torture. The children surfers the loss of a father, a guardian and a mentor. The spouse losses a lover, a companion and a better half of her.


Granite slab, a monument to the dead soldiers, heroes. Red, scarlet carnations, a symbol of memory, grief. Muted tone.

The window normally face a lot of challenges and life may turn out to be difficult to cope with and she may need a professional assistance from a counselor and support from family and friends. There those who get over it and move on but there are those who are stuck and take a lot of time before they catch up with life.

Am therefore appealing to those who take advantage of the bereaved to stop and treat the widows with the respect that they deserve. We need fair treatments when it comes to the welfare of military surviving spouses and their children. This will not only be just but it helps the survivors together with the children to face life with courage and determination as they honor the memories of fallen heroes.

The society needs to show concern and appreciate the fact that the surviving spouse is in need of love and affection. I beg your entire support to all the victims of war by comforting and embracing all those affected.

Salute our fallen soldiers!

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