Content writing is a skill that one takes time to learn. Whether you are creating a new website or you have an established website, you should always publish compelling, informative and interesting content.

Quality content attracts traffic and is also good for higher ranking on search engines. I have compiled some tips for content writing for you to help you write better content.

10 tips for content writing

  • Write original Content

Never plagiarize content from other website because your website may get penalized or removed entirely from search engines. Always strive to create original content as this help in better ranking and increase overall website traffic.

  • Avoid run-on sentences

Short sentences are easier to read and have a higher readability score. Most people lose interest quickly when reading long sentences. Keep your sentences short and use sub-heading so that search engines can recognize your content easily.

  • Write in simple Language

You should use simple language that even an average person can understand. This increases the readability score and overall SEO. To achieve this, avoid complicated words and use commonly used words.

  • Write short paragraphs

Using subheadings, bullet points, lists and images go a long way in retaining visitors in your site. Well organized content is easy to read and understand.

  • Avoid repetition

Your content should informative to any visitor who visits your site. Repetition of information or keyword stuffing will make your content unappealing and boring to read.

  • Don’t over advertise your product or service

The purpose of your website is to sell products or services, but over promoting can make you lose potential leads. You should balance between promotion and non-promotion content. Visitors need to appreciate your content before deciding if they want to become clients.

  • Know your target Audience

Your content should target the specific audience you are offering your products or services.  By doing this, you attract the right people who may need to buy what you are offering.

  • Utilize Call-To-Action (CTAs) tactics

Your content can be original, quality and appealing, but without CTAs you can lose on visitors conversion to potential clients. This can be inviting buttons, images, links or anything that encourages a visitor to buy what you are offering. 

  • Write in a friendly tone

Everybody likes to be approached in a friendly and funny tone on their day to day interactions.  Why not also on your website? Be friendly and funny on your content so that visitors can trust and associate with your website.

  • Solve problems

Most people go online to find solutions to their problem. It’s through solving their problems associated with your niche that they can trust your web site and easily become potential clients.

Use these tips for writing content whenever you are creating any content. If you don’t have enough time to write quality content for your website. Don’t worry you can hire me.

This is what I will do when you hire me,

I will analyze your website content and study your niche, product or services, understand it as you do. I will research what your competitors are offering. I will carry out keyword research to identify long-tail keywords with less competition. I will create relevant topics related to your niche concerning common problems that people encounter. Then I will write quality content that will rank your web site high, drive traffic to your web site and increase the site visitors conversion rate to clients. Send me an email now [email protected] or use the contact form for more info and quotation.

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