Trump triumph over Obama: Conservative Economy Success

Trump triumph over Obama: Conservative Economy Success

Trump VS. Obama: Conservative Economy Success

conservative economy

Trump’s Achievements compared to Obama admin:. [ Photo Credit: CNN]

Conservative economy has always called for the tried and true approach instead of the innovations just for the sake. That is one of the reasons why the Obama administration failed to produce any satisfactory economic recovery since the recession ended more than ten years ago. That apparently means that the Obama economic plan can be rated as the worst in US history. There have been other recessions in the past, but the economy has always been revived in as short as 18 months during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Obama would have had an easy time creating a successful recovery since the economy was relatively stable.

Conservative economy requires economic freedom as well as economic security mobility and growth. It is only through economic growth that the others can be achieved. The liberal strategy does not seem to have a clear-cut agenda. It has promoted a false sense of economic security. The reason behind this is because economic growth cannot be achieved without economic freedom. Obama did not seem to realize that the largest group that required economic growth was the low-income group. When the low-income group did not experience economic growth, the only other way was to redistribute resources which had already proved to be disastrous.

conservative economy

A debate between the former and current president

In 2013, the average income in a middle-level income family was eight percent less compared to 2007, the year in which the recession began. It is also important to note that as the income for middle-level families continued to nose dive, the income for wealthy families continued to increase. This is the liberal economic policy whose framework is based on erosion of middle-level income class. During the Obama administration, work integrity faced serious problems. Wall Street Journal estimated that during the Obama presidency, more than 7 million Americans were stuck in part-time jobs. The current government has started to review the ideas of conservative economists, and the general population has begun to enjoy the consequences.

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