A perfect and long-lasting relationship is every person’s dream. Several factors determine the type of relationship between couples and you should be able to predict the type of relationship they are in. At first, you may not be able to recognize the type of relationship you’re in, but with time you will know exactly the type of the relationship. If you are not comfortable with the type of your relationship you are in, take the necessary steps to change the relationship for the better.

Types of couple relationships

Types of couple relationships

Here are some of the types of couple relationships:-

Codependent relationship

This is a relationship where you can’t function without your partner; you are completely dependent on each other. This type of relationship does not end well because it brings problems in your social life and other relationships with friends and family.

Controlling relationship

This is a relationship where one person controls the other. This is brought about due to the couple lacking trust, understanding, and independence.

Open relationship

This is a relationship where the partners are free to see other people outside the relationship.

Negotiation relationship

Partners are forced to change a lot to accommodate the other. The can change things in their life such as hobbies, interest, friends so that they can be able to keep their partner.

Toxic relationship

This is a relationship that continuously stresses you due to a different reason. It is where couples keep on arguing because they both can never agree on anything.

Pastime Fling

This is a relationship where you are just enjoying each other’s company without any future hope and plans.

Best friends relationship

You are comfortable talking, sharing thoughts and problems with your partner but they are no emotional connection.

Sexual Relationship

You are together just for the sexual satisfaction you get from your partner. None of you is interested in a long-term relationship.

Long-distance relationship

You are both connected emotionally, but you do not live together or near each other. It is a difficult kind of relationship because it is filled with mistrust, suspicion, and jealousy.

Abusive relationship

This is where one partner controls the other either verbally or physically forcing that partner to stay on the relationship. The moment your partner tries to control you by force, walk away from that relationship immediately.

The truly compatible Relationship

This is an almost perfect relationship which every person desires. Both the partners understand, trust and love each other. They are always willing to make sacrifices for each other.


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