The world has become a global village, but we still have different beliefs and customs under one GOD. My sincere thought was it is the high time that we worship the same deity regardless of the difference in color, race or religion.  What World it would be! Imagine Jewish worshiping in a mosque and Muslims worshiping in a church? With all due respect, this would take us back to the garden of Aden. But, the Sin cannot give us a break!  Let me extend that leaf to those who think that there is no GOD.  Brothers & sisters let us come together and appreciate the fact that we are all humans, and beyond the human race, there is a SUPREME BEING who takes charge of life and nature regardless of our intelligence.

It is the high time we acknowledge that regardless of our different believes & faith we are subordinates of the HIGH most GOD the CREATOR.  This is evident in the fact that all religions are serving the same purpose, which is to praise and worship the Creator. I wonder why and how a group of people would claim to be better believers than the others. This is what we refer to as BLASPHEMY. We should respect each other’s faith and uphold a common discipline that GOD is for ALL and we are ALL for GOD.

To my dear friends, I condemn those of us who believe that they are special than the others. Can we be rational for once! Why should any religion go to extremes of being radical? It is very unfair to citizens of the globe to be treated as unequal. Let us have a collective responsibility of taking care of each other. God is great all times and the favor that He has done to us, we should reciprocate.

Am humbled to be a GOD’s creation and am grateful to be alive! Let us cherish every single minute we breathe.


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