Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Many people are always looking for ways to improve their health and fitness. One of the methods that people have been using with the intention of losing weight is yoga. The major question on everybody’s mind is whether yoga for weight loss works. Madonna, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston and even Christy Turlington all do it. Athletes are known to do yoga to improve their performance in the field. Yoga is known as a refined mind and body exercise that can change one’s life ranging from changing one’s outlook on life to tightening your abs. Does it help lose weight considering the fact that it is no strain exercise?

Yoga is an exercise as any other, and it helps people lose weight. Losing weight through yoga is good since it does not put too much strain on the body. Yoga is usually gentle, and people who practice yoga often feel relaxed and at ease at the end of the session.

Why yoga is good for weight loss?

When one is seeking to lose weight, one might wonder how yoga fits into the equation considering the fact that yoga burns between 3 to 6 calories per minute. First of all, it is worth noting that there are different styles of yoga. There are styles which are more intense and rigorous. Such techniques include vinyasa, power yoga or hot yoga. On the other hand, there are yoga styles that are slow-paced and gentle. They include hatha yoga, restorative and yin yoga.  One of the reasons why yoga is good for weight loss is the fact that yoga helps increase body awareness which tends to make people mind what they are eating. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga are mindful of what they eat. Another reason yoga is good when seeking to lose weight is the fact that it helps people manage stress well. Therefore, people who practice yoga are less likely to be engaged in stress eating.

Health and Fitness

Losing weight has always been attributed to intense physical activity, dieting and exercise education. However, spiritual and mental aspects have not been given much attention. One can diet or even take physical education classes, but the problem will not be fully solved since the issue of why a person is overeating will not be effectively addressed. Yoga exercises fulfill an individual physically, spiritually and mentally. Someone who has fulfilled in all these areas will have a high sense of self-worth thus reducing chances of the person overeating or eating food that is not healthy.

Health and Fitness

Best pose for weight loss

Many people who practice yoga with the intention of losing weight often wonder which the best position for weight loss is. Fat tends to collect itself in the least of the places anyone would want it to be, the stomach. Therefore, any position that would help the stomach cope with this menace is highly encouraged. For instance, inverted poses help in reversing the gravity on the intestines thus enabling them to widen, and food can move through more efficiently. Another good position is the young warrior pose.  It strengthens the back, thighs, arms and shoulders.


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