One of the best times to multiply your sales is during the festive period.  

Increase Holiday sales

Mainly because most customers are willing to shop even from small and medium businesses. According to research, approximately 61% of the consumers are open to purchasing from new sellers during the holidays.

In 2017, total revenue from Black, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving amounted to 14.49 billion, which represents a 17.33% YoY growth.

How can you take advantage of the holiday season? There are practices that you can use to gain new leads and increase sales.

Let’s dig into the methods that you should use to maximize your sales during the holiday seasons.

Hold Live Sales On Social Media

A large number of eCommerce stores advertise widely through social media.  These platforms have greatly helped sellers and marketers to connect with consumers.

Research shows that live videos are viewed by 300% more than normal videos.

Funky Fairy, for example, broadcasted three different sales through Facebook live. And the live sales attracted 7.5k, 7k and 10k respectively.

Organize Flash Sales

Discounts are beneficial because they increase sales. Sellers double their sales with flash sales as compared to others that have no flash sales. For your flash sales to make the maximum impact – co-operate with other online retailers.

This way, you will be able to expand your target audience by tapping the market outside your usual customer base.

For instance, Snapdeal sold 60,000 products within 5 minutes after partnering a flash sale to re-launch its noodle kit.

Go After Shoppers Who Aborted Their Carts

In the earliest days of this holiday, cart abandonment will lead to a loss of about $8.6 billion in sales. Many facts show why holiday buyers don’t usually press the `Buy’ button immediately. So it’s high time you bring back the lost leads by reminding them about their cart abandonment.

Remarketing is one way of reminding holiday buyers that there is still room for purchasing. Furthermore, you can aim for holiday buyers by remarketing using Dynamic Product Ads.

The tool helps you to make specific ads targeting people who abandoned a cart on your website. And whenever they visit Facebook, they will receive a flashback ad to remind them of the carts they left behind.

Nurturing Email Addresses

To make more sales, capture email addresses of the holiday visitors on your website. In fact, research shows that email marketing accounts for 20% of all online holiday sales.

To enroll more email subscribers on holidays, add a popup form offering discounts and holiday when they sign-up. Chic Hair Extensions in cooperated a Better Coupon Box offering visitors unique discounts after they subscribe.

Add Count Down Timers On Holiday Deals To Induce Eagerness

Advertise sweet deals to your subscribers with a convenient expiry date. Add countdown timers to remind the buyers to buy as soon as possible as opposed to later.

Shoppers will choose to buy the product or click the offer while there is still time left.

Use Supply Triggers to Increase Conversion

Apart from countdown timers, you can also use supply triggers to persuade immediate action. For example, you can use a call to actions such as Buy while Stocks last! By doing this, you reduce any chances of leaving without buying.

Organize Clearance Sale To Move Old And Slow-Moving  Inventory

Not only are holidays popular for shoppers to buy new items but also an opportunity for clearing old stocks to avoid pilling up. Most importantly, the end of the year is around the corner, and you need to clear your inventory. To get rid of unpopular items, set up additional discounts on clearance offers.

Therefore, you should separate your inventories to identify items bound for clearance sale and the most applicable discount.

Source For Reviews On Holiday Items  To Emphasize Popularity And Demand

You can boost popularity and demand through special holiday reviews by socializing with your customers frequently. Because many shoppers inquire advice from other sources to confirm that the items they intend to buy are worthy and the right ones.

Research has found out that holiday item reviews have increased sales by 18%. Therefore source for influencer reviews for your products to attract more buyers. People believe more in a product that has positive reviews than that without.

Implement Special Holiday Campaigns and Make More Money

Holiday shoppers around the world are much set to use their money freely to satisfy their loved ones and enjoy themselves fully.

Now you know how to multiply your sales, implement the methods and take advantage of this period to maximize your sales.

Therefore, make time-bound offers to entice customers during the holidays. Use the methods above to meet the expectations of holiday shoppers and also to multiply sales.


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