Secure Sockets Layer

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a definitive security protocol for initiating encrypted links between a browser and a web server in an online communication. It is the SSL technology that guarantees that all data relayed between the browser and the web server remains encrypted throughout. In order for you to be able to come up with an SSL connection, you must have an SSL certificate. This is where you are required to provide all the details concerning the identity of your web page and your company when activating SSL on your web server.

One of the most crucial components of online business is creating a trusted surrounding where potential clients feel convinced while making purchases. SSL certificate helps to devise a foundation of trust between your web page and your clients by maintaining a protected connection. In order to guarantee the visitors that their connection is very safe, browsers provide visual cues such as a green bar or a lock icon.

SSL certificates usually have two keys; a private key and a public key and these two keys work together so as to establish and to maintain an encrypted connection. The SSL certificate also has the identity of the web page owner which is referred to as the subject. So as to be able to acquire an SSL certificate, you must be able to create a Certificate Signing Request on your server and it is this process that creates a public key and a private key on your server.

SSL certificate enhances the search engine ranking for your web page. Search engines want to guarantee safety to their users and therefore if your web page has an SSL certificate, it will be ranked higher compared to the sites without the certificate. They usually use HTTPS as an SEO ranking parameter, therefore if you search engine optimization is a concern for you; ensure that your web page has an SSL certificate.

The other importance of SSL certification is that it generally improves the speed of your web page. HTTPS makes your web page to load even faster and in the process, it improves your sites overall performance. Having high speed also enhances the SEO and helps you in internet marketing which in turn gives you more clients and traffic. Having an SSL certificate revamps the user experience as the clients will feel more secure and your web page will be faster which will lead to prosperity of your venture.

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